2017 Spring Valley Bazaar on 25th and 26th November

This annual event is a major fundraiser for ANDREF.  The Spring Valley Team, Deb and Rod Evans and Geraldine Evans have very kindly offered to donate the gate entrance and raffle monies to support.

ANDREF.  Davis & Shirtliff have already pledged 350,000/- as the main sponsor of the Bazaar.  We are all extremely grateful.

Further information on the Bazaar to follow.

Nairobi Family Support Services volunteers

Two visitors from Denmark who worked in the Pharmaceutical industry and also who knew people in Handicapped International in Kenya  visited the clinic in Kibera. They volunteered their time for one month with NFSS.  Pictured is Hannah Mwangi from Nairobi Family Support Services and Jesse.  Moses Waweru from Youth on the Move and Mr. David Oluoch Olunya. 

ANDREF holds successful fundraiser

A  recent fundraiser for ANDREF was held at the Spring Valley Bazaar on the 27th and 28th November.  This craft fair donated the entrance fee to ANDREF and the proceeds of the raffle.  This in total came to 347,300/- that went directly to ANDREF. This in turn will fund investigations and operations for the Neurological patients in most need.

Very many thanks to Geraldine Evans and Deborah Evans the event organisers for their hard work.  To Hemingways Resort who donated the first prize of three nights for two at their wonderful hotel in Watamu, special thanks to Dicky Evans for his generosity and Dino Bisleti of Air Kenya who also donated the flights for two. To Charles and Margaret Njonjo who drew the Raffle and Mr. David Oluoch Olunya who donates his time in Kibera and Waithaka for charity patients, and to the girls on the gate who managed to sell so many raffle tickets, Anne Da Gama Rose, Samira Furrer, Jyoti Shah, and Geraldine Dunford. Not forgetting Godfrey Okoth who was so reliable and diligent at the entrance gate, his background in accounting certainly was an advantage!

We hope to stage this event next year.

Top. Charles Njonjo, Geraldine Evans , Margaret Njonjo and Oluoch Olunya at the Spring Valley Bazaar

KMTC Support at Waithaka

The Waithaka Clinic is always supported by the KMTC – Kenya Medical Trainining College whose Physiotherapists  treat children who have cerebral palsy or other difficulties.

Here we see Collins Mamati with a young patient who is being treated on a board especially designed to enable the support of the body and stimulate muscles to encourage the weight bearing processes.

The Physiotherapists  are vital in recognizing signs and sending patients with possible Epilepsy to the Clinic.

In the photo we see the mother of the young child, Collins and Moses from the NECC who helps with conselling and support at the ANDREF Clinic.

Mary Wambui is also featured on this short clip.  She is a long term patient of the Clinic in Waithaka. Her Epilepsy is controlled but she  has now started to have aggressive moments.  Mr. Marx Okonji a Psychiatrist at the Nairobi Hospital has very kindly offered to see her on a pro bono basis.  We are extremely grateful for his time and expertise.  Over ten patients are seen from the ANDREF Clinics in order to control aggressive outbursts.

National Epilepsy Coordination Committee AGM

This was held at Upperhill Medical Centre and was attended by over 20 members.  The Chairman Dr. Symon Kariuki, Chaired an excellent meeting which reviewed the work achieved during the previous year.  Further films were to be donated by ANDREF to create awareness and more contacts were to be encouraged to become involved.

Epillose Musimbi the secretary did an excellent job presenting the efforts of the NECC over the previous year.

Members of the NECC pictured at the AGM. Beatrice Mugambi, Petronilla Kemunto KNH, Moses Waweru, Beatrice Gachanji, The Chairman Dr. Symon Kariuki, James Wanjohi, Sam Kiwinda, Marieke Ruberti ANDREF, Fatuma Chelimo,Dr. Eddie Chengo and the Secretary Epillose Musimbi.

Patrick Magetu Referred Patient from the Rural Eye Clinic

This patient was operated on by Mr. Oluoch Olunya in 2012 and had a complex and lengthy surgery,  ANDREF supported him at that time and the operation took 8 hours.  His symptoms are recurring and his prognosis is serious.  More tests were paid for by ANDREF and now there are some decisions that need to be made and a second opinion with other surgeons that need to be sought.  This will be followed by Mr. Oluoch Olunya.

Cornelius Ndeche

Cornelius Ndeche a long term patient at Kibera Clinic reported from Boarding School.  His mother works as a Social Worker with the clinic and is very pleased that Cornelius’s Epilepsy is controlled and he is doing well at school.  Plus he has grown so much and Hannah Mwangi is delighted with this!

A new patient Stella Ajabu attended and her mother and you can see the mothers concern.  They have been assessed by Mr. Olouch Olunya and we will see how she is responding at the next Clinic.

Sarah Wambui – an update

The Mother of Sarah Wambui whom ANDREF supports in her schooling came to the office to show her work which she sells to boost her income.  She previously made fishing flies but that business has dwindled and she is constantly trying to earn some money.  Sarah Wambui should be finishing her secondary
education this year.

We wish to thank all those who support ANDREF to allow Sarah Wambui, who had a meningoencephalocele to lead a more normal life.

Safaricom Foundation Strategy Launch

Marieke Ruberti of ANDREF with Walter Ojuka of the Safaricom Foundation

ANDREF was invited as a partner of the Safaricom Foundation to attend the Strategy Launch for the year 2015.  It was an ideal platform to network with other recipients of the Safaricom Foundation. Met with Shaira Adamali of the Faraja Cancer Centre and Walter Ojuka of the Safaricom Foundation. Also made contact with the Kijabe Hospital Administrator Anne Mulwa to work
out easier administration processes when patients referred from ANDREF or NFSS – Nairobi Family Support Services need to go to Kijabe for surgery. They have an excellent facility for hydrocephalus treatment and it is good to have personal contact.