Eric Mbatha Nzioki – a journey of hope begins

Eric a day before being discharged

In November 2017 Eric as referred by Dr. Donato Cordi from the Rural Eye Clinic, to Dr. Mauro Saio of the Nairobi Hospital for assessment and operative intervention for an established Cranio Facial Neuro Fibromatosis.

His rural home is well beyond Machakos over five hours journey away and his family was very concerned about him.

He had a severe deformity of his right eye which caused him significant social stigma.  Eric also has an identical twin so it was important for him to be able to grow alongside his sibling with all the hope and enthusiasm that life promised.

He was referred to ANDREF – African Neurological Diseases Research Foundation also situated in Nairobi Hospital.  His condition was discussed with Mr. David Oluoch Olunya a Neurosurgeon that supports ANDREF and Dr. Saio and it was felt that the most experienced surgeon would be Prof. Dr. Symon Guthua who is an expert on this condition.

He was duly seen by Professor Guthua and the opinion of an Opthalmologist Professor Masinde was also sought.

The operation through a joint effort was performed at Nairobi Hospital.  

This has been a challenging case and entailed a demanding operation lasting over eight hours.  Certainly the expertise of these two surgeons have enabled Eric to regain confidence and hope.

They have so kindly donated their services for Eric’s benefit.

This has been a multi disciplinary co-operation.

Jubilee Insurance have donated 200,000/-

ANDREF has also donated a total 200,000/- the remainder of the cost was met by The Nairobi Hospital.

ANDREF paid a further 40,000/- for investigations and treatments.

The CEO Mr. Gordon Odundo and Dr. Joan Osoro Mbui the Hospital Patient Coordinator has been instrumental in pulling everyone together and for that we thank them sincerely.

The photographs below document Eric’s journey.

Epilepsy Awareness

Epilepsy awareness continued in Kibera and Waithaka in the following schools : Saint Gladys Secondary School, Glory Primary School, 
Calvary Primary School,  Elite Primary and Secondary School and Kibera self help primary school.  
These benefited from the projector that was purchased with the monies raised at the Spring Valley Bazaar.  Moses Waweru from Youth on the Move attended with Jesse from Nairobi Family support services and Hannah Mwangi.  
Books were provided for the school children and the film given for future reference.  These were donated by ANDREF.

  It was also important that the teachers in schools be informed clearly on their awareness of these conditions and Jesse
can be clearly seen passing on this knowledge.
We thank him sincerely for his time.