Davis and Shirtliff Visit

On 10th June, Davis and Shirtliff the main sponsor of the Spring Valley Bazaar the major fundraiser for ANDREF came to visit Kibera on the Clinic Day. This occasion coincided with the return of Mr. David Oluoch Olunya who was well enough to attend the Clinic. It really was a time of celebration. Notwithstanding that he had to navigate the poles that KP&L had delivered to Kibera so the vehicle could not drive into the Clinic compound. The difficult terrain is easy to see! Davis & Shirtliff delivered a water purifyer for the Clinic and plenty of photos were taken to celebrate the occasion. 30 patients were seen and it was a blessing to be able to welcome the return of David Oluoch Olunya without whose support we could not continue the clinics.

Norbert Kinyanyjui – update

Norbert was brought to the ANDREF office in Nairobi Hospital to be assessed by Mr. Oluoch Olunya on February 11th this year. He had been dribbling persistently and his medication was changed. We are so grateful to Mr. Oluoch Olunya for seeing this patient entirely pro bono.