Jacob Adede Ogema

Jacob was referred to the ANDREF clinic by a well wisher. He had suffered from peroids of headache and collapse. He was recommended to have an MRI and a CT scan in order to detect what his diagnosis was. The investigations demonstrated that he had a Craniopharyngioma which is a rare condition in a young child. He visited the ANDREF Clinic office in Nairobi Hospital and due to the
absence of Mr. Oluoch Olunya it was decided to take him to the AIC hospital in Kijabe where he was seen by the resident Neurosurgeon. He was scheduled to have an Endoscopic cyst fenestration and this was performed ont he 19th January 2015. ANDREF covered the expenses. His mother remained with him in the Hospital and Jacob is pictured with her and Purity Ndeti of the Kijabe Bethany Kids Department. He received excellent care and was discharged on the 25th January. He continues to be stable but the Doctors have said that there can be a recurrence. He attends regular follow ups at Kijabe. The patient remains supported by ANDREF.