KMTC Support at Waithaka

The Waithaka Clinic is always supported by the KMTC – Kenya Medical Trainining College whose Physiotherapists  treat children who have cerebral palsy or other difficulties.

Here we see Collins Mamati with a young patient who is being treated on a board especially designed to enable the support of the body and stimulate muscles to encourage the weight bearing processes.

The Physiotherapists  are vital in recognizing signs and sending patients with possible Epilepsy to the Clinic.

In the photo we see the mother of the young child, Collins and Moses from the NECC who helps with conselling and support at the ANDREF Clinic.

Mary Wambui is also featured on this short clip.  She is a long term patient of the Clinic in Waithaka. Her Epilepsy is controlled but she  has now started to have aggressive moments.  Mr. Marx Okonji a Psychiatrist at the Nairobi Hospital has very kindly offered to see her on a pro bono basis.  We are extremely grateful for his time and expertise.  Over ten patients are seen from the ANDREF Clinics in order to control aggressive outbursts.