Nguyo Abdullahi – a story of hope.

Nguyo Abdullahi

Nguyo Abdullahi first came to the Kibera Clinic in May 2011.  He was extremely agitated and suffered from Epilepsy.  His mother had great difficulty in controlling him and was visibly stressed.  He was seen Mr. David Oluoch Olunya.  Epilim was prescribed and given but the mother was advised to buy Rivotril 0.5mgs bd to keep Nguyo’s hyperactivity under control.

She returned after three months saying that the medications helped but she couldn’t afford the continuous supply of Rivotril.  ANDREF purchased the medications. In January 2013 the home of Nguyo’s family was burned down and he sustained smoke inhalation problems. He is seen pictured in Hospital with his sister.
ANDREF paid for the school fees of Nguyo as he was responding so well to the medication and recovered from the trauma of losing his home.  You can see how well he now looks in his school Uniform.
Nguyo continues his medication supplied by ANDREF.