Ms. Teresa Savanella – Italian Cooperation Kenya
Dott. Mauro Massoni – Italian Ambassador
Dr Alberto Di Bellis – The Maria Rosa Maglione Fondazione Onlus
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Njonjo
Mrs. Andreana Bruzzone – Agrinco Limited
Dott. Ludovico Gnecchi – Resort Kenya Ltd
Pony Clubs Kenya
Horse Association of Kenya
Mr. Nazir Noordin – Copy Cat Ltd.
Mrs. Geeta Malek – Rotary Club Kenya 
Safaricom Foundation
Mr. Alec David – Davis & Shirtliff
Dr Viju Rattansi – Rattansi Educational Trust
Zarina and Naushad Merali Foundation


The Safaricom Foundation
Nairobi Family Support Services (NFSS)
Kenya Association for the Welfare of Epileptics (KAWE)
Neurological Society of Kenya
Mr. David Oluoch-Olunya
Mr. Mahmood Qureshi
National Epilepsy Coordination Committee
Youth on the Move
Movement for Hope
Awareness through Dance


Private Individuals

Ms. Susie Aird
Mrs. Nita Verani
Mrs. Liliana Rizzini
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Harrison
Mrs. Anne Da Gama Rose
Mrs. Samira Furrer
Mrs. Andreana Bruzzone
Mrs. Neeta Verani
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Pickering
Mr. and Mrs Dicky Evans
Spring Valley Bazaar
A very special thanks to the owners of Bendera Lane Farm, Mr. and Mrs. Rod Evans
Also to Mrs. Geraldine Evans who works tirelessly for the Spring Valley Bazaar.

Many thanks to:

Amadeo Buonajuti  – photographs on this website with  such care and compassion.
Biki Kangwana  – filming of the ANDREF Kibera clinic that so accurately portrays the gratitude of patients when Professor Ruberti died.