Epilepsy Seminar, ANDREF donates film to participants

Marieke Ruberti attended the Epilepsy Seminar at KICC on the 7th November 2014.  It was well attended with over 50 Participants. NECC did an excellent job organising the one day event.
ANDREF donated a copy of the Epilepsy Awareness film to every participant.  Prof. Paul Kioy lectured and was assisted by Dr. Tiberry Nyakwana of the Kenya Medical Teachers Training.  Other speakers were Mr. David Oluoch Olunya, Karijn Aussems of Youth on the Move, Joan Kagema of Kenyatta National Hospital and Grace Komen of National Health Management.
The film was shown to the attendees and was well received.  Thanks to Safaricom for funding the extra 1,000 copies.

Samson Mugambi – doing well

Samson Mugambi a new patient at the Kibera Clinic. He requires a different medication from the general AED’s that ANDREF supplies.  Luckily ANDREF has the funds to be able to purchase this especially for him.  Sodium Valproate 300mgs CR.

He is doing well.

Nguyo Abdullahi – a story of hope.

Nguyo Abdullahi

Nguyo Abdullahi first came to the Kibera Clinic in May 2011.  He was extremely agitated and suffered from Epilepsy.  His mother had great difficulty in controlling him and was visibly stressed.  He was seen Mr. David Oluoch Olunya.  Epilim was prescribed and given but the mother was advised to buy Rivotril 0.5mgs bd to keep Nguyo’s hyperactivity under control.

She returned after three months saying that the medications helped but she couldn’t afford the continuous supply of Rivotril.  ANDREF purchased the medications. In January 2013 the home of Nguyo’s family was burned down and he sustained smoke inhalation problems. He is seen pictured in Hospital with his sister.
ANDREF paid for the school fees of Nguyo as he was responding so well to the medication and recovered from the trauma of losing his home.  You can see how well he now looks in his school Uniform.
Nguyo continues his medication supplied by ANDREF.


When we look at Kenya from a healthcare perspective communicable diseases are seen as the primary concern. The top five causes of mortality are HIV/AIDS, lower respiratory infections, diarrhoeal diseases, tuberculosis and malaria respectively (WHO 2006). While these are of major importance other concerning and often interrelated healthcare problems can suffer due to a lack of appropriate attention. Neurological diseases are one such problem.

2014 Spring Valley Bazaar

1,200,000/- was raised at the 2014 Spring Valley Bazaar for African Neurological Diseases Research Foundation (ANDREF).  This will be used to continue creating epilepsy awareness in the community. Two clinics in  Kibera and Waithaka are also supported by ANDREF and these are managed in conjunction with Nairobi Family Support Services.

The Italian Co-operatzione has always supported ANDREF and seen pictured is HE Mr. Mauro Massoni the Ambassador of Italy with the main Sponsor Edward Davis of Davis and Shirtliff.  Mr. David Oluoch Olunya the Neurosurgeon that attends the Clinics and Marieke Ruberti of ANDREF.  All are with the lucky prize winner Waithera Chege who won first prize of two nights for two at Hemingways with Flights kindly donated by Air Kenya.
She is the well known and accomplished artist who was exhibiting at the Bazaar.
Well done Waithera.

David Oluoch Olunya

It was with real desperation to learn of the attack on David Oluoch Olunya in Kenya on the 22nd December. Two supporters of ANDREF went to see him. Betty Robin and Samira Furrer and sent me a photo to allay my fears. I was in Australia at the time. On my return in mid January I went to see him at home where he was recovering . Without the selflessness of David Oluoch Olunya I would not be able to continue with the ANDREF Clinics. He is truly a remarkable person and his whole family.

Jacob Adede Ogema

Jacob was referred to the ANDREF clinic by a well wisher. He had suffered from peroids of headache and collapse. He was recommended to have an MRI and a CT scan in order to detect what his diagnosis was. The investigations demonstrated that he had a Craniopharyngioma which is a rare condition in a young child. He visited the ANDREF Clinic office in Nairobi Hospital and due to the
absence of Mr. Oluoch Olunya it was decided to take him to the AIC hospital in Kijabe where he was seen by the resident Neurosurgeon. He was scheduled to have an Endoscopic cyst fenestration and this was performed ont he 19th January 2015. ANDREF covered the expenses. His mother remained with him in the Hospital and Jacob is pictured with her and Purity Ndeti of the Kijabe Bethany Kids Department. He received excellent care and was discharged on the 25th January. He continues to be stable but the Doctors have said that there can be a recurrence. He attends regular follow ups at Kijabe. The patient remains supported by ANDREF.

Norbert Kinyanyjui – update

Norbert was brought to the ANDREF office in Nairobi Hospital to be assessed by Mr. Oluoch Olunya on February 11th this year. He had been dribbling persistently and his medication was changed. We are so grateful to Mr. Oluoch Olunya for seeing this patient entirely pro bono.

Davis and Shirtliff Visit

On 10th June, Davis and Shirtliff the main sponsor of the Spring Valley Bazaar the major fundraiser for ANDREF came to visit Kibera on the Clinic Day. This occasion coincided with the return of Mr. David Oluoch Olunya who was well enough to attend the Clinic. It really was a time of celebration. Notwithstanding that he had to navigate the poles that KP&L had delivered to Kibera so the vehicle could not drive into the Clinic compound. The difficult terrain is easy to see! Davis & Shirtliff delivered a water purifyer for the Clinic and plenty of photos were taken to celebrate the occasion. 30 patients were seen and it was a blessing to be able to welcome the return of David Oluoch Olunya without whose support we could not continue the clinics.