Waithaka clinic

Kibera and Waithaka clinics are continued on a monthly basis with follow ups during the week of those persons who need an MRI or CT scan.  These are performed at Plaza Imaging Services at General Accident house at a special rate for ANDREF patients.  The Neurology Centre at General Accident house also performs EEG’s for ANDREF patients at a discounted rate.

The KMTC provide Physiotherapists who treat children who suffer from contractures or disability resulting from Cerebral Palsy or injury.  Often these children suffer from Epilepsy and they are referred to the ANDREF clinic for further treatment.  The Physiotherapists play a vital role in observing and referring patients.

Mrs. Fiona Jorgenson a formercolleague of Marieke Ruberti with Mrs. Hannah Mwangi.

The Waithaka Clinic enjoyed the visit of Mrs. Fiona Jorgenson a former colleague of Marieke Ruberti and now a senior nursing officer in Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge. She has pledged her commitment to source medications for those who need it most in the ANDREF Clinic. We are very lucky to have her support. Pictured here outside the clinic with Mrs. Hannah Mwangi.

Clinic gets a makeover

Amazing work undertaken my Marieke Vogtlander and her daughters team from ISK. Marieke attended the Waithaka Clinic previously and recognized that some work needed to be done. They raised some money with events and put their own time into this project. Hanna Mwangi of NFSS is so grateful to them. Herewith the before and after pictures. Lots of hard serious work has been put into this project by Marijke and her daughter Charlotte and her friends . Truly amazing ! They will do a second coat of paint and also to the inside.

Marieke Vogtlander, a nurse from Holland and living in Kenya for a few years came to visit the Waithaka Clinic. She is also active with the Lilian Fonds and is supported by them in a project that she is involved with in Tanzania. She can be seen pictured with Kariakim the Physiotherapist and a dedicated member of the NFSS team and also Hannah Mwangi outside the ANDREF clinic Waithaka. We are grateful for her support and advice.

Martin Wandaka

Martin Wandaka has been a long term patient with the Waithaka Clinic. His parents have been very supportive, however he sometimes has a seizure if he develops an infection. He sustained this black eye the last time he had a seizure. ANDREF has funded a CT scan and EEG in the past to make sure that there is no other underlying condition. He continues to get his medicines funded by ANDREF.